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Agility In Finance

October 3-4, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden

Leading Organizations Towards High Performance

Beyond Budgeting

Beyond Budgeting is a progressive set of leadership principles and management processes proven to free organizations of “command and control” cultures and improve performance.


We free companies of budgetary bonds through three different pillars of our organization:​

  • Beyond Budgeting Institute. Develops and evolve the Beyond Budgeting Principles. Publishes books, articles, and white papers.

  • Beyond Budgeting Round Table. A global knowledge-sharing member organization with regional and industry-specific conferences and meetings.

  • Beyond Budgeting Advisory. An advising and consulting practice helping organizations implement the Beyond Budgeting Principles.


Combined, we are proven to increase performance. The right way.

Agile People

Agile People help companies transform their HR practices to better support their organization and to develop agile and human-centric managers.

We provide consulting and coaching services to support our customers on their journey toward agility. Our expertise lies in helping organizations understand the need for change and guiding them through the implementation process.

By adopting agile practices, companies can improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and overall business outcome.


Our First Agility in Finance Workshop

The training will be offered as an online course and an in-person workshop. For our first session, we are excited to host it as a live workshop in Stockholm. This is a unique chance to join us for the first-ever Agility in Finance workshop, and we're offering it at a special discounted rate. Don't miss out.

This intensive 2-day workshop is your pathway to earning a professional certificate accredited by ICAgile.


  • Agility In Finance
    Agility In Finance
    Tue, 03 Oct
    Central Hotel (ProfilHotels, Ligula)
    03 Oct, 09:00 – 04 Oct, 17:00
    Central Hotel (ProfilHotels, Ligula), Vasagatan 38, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
    03 Oct, 09:00 – 04 Oct, 17:00
    Central Hotel (ProfilHotels, Ligula), Vasagatan 38, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden

Agile People and Beyond Budgeting have joined forces and are introducing a new course, Agility In Finance.


This training program focuses on how Finance can become a powerful enabler of driving Business Agility. By embracing Agile methodologies and aligning financial processes with agile principles, organizations can swiftly adapt and respond to the ever-evolving market dynamics. This approach unlocks growth opportunities and ensures long-term success. 

Making the most of your team is vital to achieving business success. It focuses on creating a positive work environment that encourages innovation and enhances productivity.

Initially, we intended to host the People and Performance Conference. However, due to various factors, we are delivering this workshop.

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